Design & Development

With a comprehensive toolset of both digital simulation and physical manufacturing equipment we are able to design equipment then validate it's performance

Design With Intent

Our experience with highly complex machinery and systems give us the edge to create your industrial equipment as fast as possible, while minimizing risk and maximizing quality.

We can help you address:       

  • Function Requirements
  • Material Selection
  • Component Specification
  • Running Clearances and Tribological Properties  

See our full list of tools and equipment HERE

Expertise With Digital Tools

Using modern 3D design tools we can digitally create a product, then with Finite Element Analysis (FEA) we can simulate it’s performance.  A digital prototype can enable faster physical product iterations while optimizing functional parameters


       ♦ 3D CAD and CAM

              ◊ Create concepts to complete assemblies

       ♦ 2D CAD Drafting

              ◊ Produce manufacturing drawings

       ♦ FEA & CFD

              ◊ Utilize state of the art simulation software on our HPC server to simulate product function.  With both mechanical and fluid dynamic capabilities we can provide insight to a variety of circumstances to determine: stresses, deflections, vibration characteristics, contact pressure or sealing, failure modes, static pressure losses, transient pressure losses, etc…

Sense Reality

With vast knowledge of IoT , sensor networks and instrumentation we can manifest and implement modern data driven solutions.  This enables validation of performance and task automation.

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